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UES Energy Smart Homes

Better built, better valued homes.

如果你想买一个新建的房子,考虑一个UES能源智能家居. These ENERGY STAR®-certified homes are more energy efficient, comfortable, quieter and healthful than standard construction homes, and they will save you money now and for years to come.

UES Energy智能住宅比标准建筑住宅节省15- 30%的能源,因为它们从一开始就建造得更好. They feature high efficiency heating and cooling, lighting and appliances, and a complete thermal enclosure. 它们也经过独立测试和检查,以满足严格的能源之星标准.

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A “whole home” systems approach

UES能源智能家居项目强调以整体方式改善健康状况, safety, comfort, durability and energy efficiency. Energy-efficient homes are more efficient, 通过将结构作为一个完整的系统来实现健康和舒适, where every component must work in harmony.

节能住宅还使用新风通风和压力管理技术,以保持更好的空气质量和舒适度. 一个适当平衡的加热和冷却系统提供最大的能源效率.

项目标准侧重于最佳建筑实践,包括现场检查和现场测试,以验证房屋的性能与设计的方式相符. By integrating the latest information on building science, UES已经制定了每个参与的智能家居建筑商必须满足的施工要求.

UES Energy Smart Homes feature

  • High efficiency heating and cooling suited to the home
  • Controlled ventilation and return air paths
  • Better insulation and mastic-sealed ductwork
  • Advanced diagnostic blower door testing
  • Air and pressure balancing
  • Combustion safety
  • ENERGY STAR lighting
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • High efficiency windows

View information on the federal ENERGY STAR  program.

Fact Sheets

► Improved insulation 正确安装的绝缘最大限度地提高舒适性和节能.

► High-efficiency air conditioning systems Look for a SEER rating of 14.5或更高,更舒适,更节能,更耐用.

► Tight construction and ducting 新风通风和压力管理技术保持了更好的空气质量和舒适度.

► Energy-efficient low-E windows 选择合适的窗户,你就能看到电费账单上的差异.



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